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Why we’re excited about games

Gbanga is a great place to work. We craft conceptually novel, technically challenging breath-taking game projects. You should join our team!

We offer a dynamic and interesting workplace near Hauptbahnhof Zurich HB. You will work with a sympathetic and international team, for a demanding audience, together with international partners, with the newest tools and with latest tech. Our working environment promotes reflective moments and personal dialogues to grow together, for instance in our Scrum retrospectives. We have fun company retreats, free coffee and snacks. Zurich, Switzerland is also a great place to live.

We encourage all talented individuals to apply, especially women, minorities and individuals with disabilities. Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other is very important to us at Gbanga. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. We are an equal opportunity employer and a pleasant and supportive place to work.

Open positions

Currently, there are no open positions.

How we handle your application

For transparency and fairness, our application process are public and they work as follows. It ensures that we get to know each other early and on different levels:

  1. Digital application (we do not accept paper-form applications) through email to
    • Describe quickly why you are the perfect person for the job described
    • Show your portfolio: most interesting are your projects that you finished: apps, blogs, etc. Great are github links, App Store links or behance portfolios.
    • Create a short CV on This is a great tool that we can use internally, so that every team member can quickly get to know you (use the available free version, you don’t need to go premium).
  2. We send you an assignment through email: technical programming exercises, business cases, drawing exercises, etc. This is great to show us how you solve problems and how you work. And the perfect conversation starter to talk to our team of experts in your domain.
  3. We then invite you to an interview with out domain experts
  4. You talk to each individual member of the team for about 5 minutes and you discuss the issues they are currently working on. It is important to us that you meet the team that you will work with early.
  5. We then send you a notification (offer or refusal letter) through email

Including scheduling appointments, the whole process might take up to 8 weeks.

About internships and building your portfolio

TL;DR: Build games on your own first. Apply for a junior position later.

We value self-initiative to the highest degree. In our evaluation process for applications, we want to learn from applicants how they work, what moves them and most prominently, what have they created and built in the past.

So, we encourage you to create your own games as early as possible, as a hobby, by your own, in your spare time, in courses, in summer school such as the Swiss Game Academy. There are also great books and courses on YouTube to train your design and programming skills. Make sure you document the games your create, post gameplay videos on YouTube, publish the games on stores such as, mobile app stores and Steam.

At this time, we cannot offer internships for applicants that have no prior training or practice in at least some aspects of game creation. Because we are a small team with limited resources, we cannot teach interns with basic knowhow such as drawing methods, or basic programming principles. However, we are able to offer job opportunities to game creators with a portfolio in games that have limited or no professional experience.

As a new team member, we focus on helping you acquiring your professional skills such as improving your work quality (there are plenty of tools and tricks for this), learning how to work in an interdisciplinary team and finishing tasks in time and in quality. That is what we are good at: helping you becoming a skilled professional game developer.

TL;DR: Build games on your own first. Apply for a junior position later.


Apprenticeships, career path in the gaming industry

Gbanga is an interdisciplinary company with team members from different professional backgrounds – people working in the field of graphics, programmers and German language experts work together on the creation of games. As a small team, we don’t really have the capacity to position ourselves as a teaching company in one of these many areas. That’s why it makes sense for you to do an apprenticeship in application development or graphics in a larger, specialized company in preparation for your entry into the games industry and then, for example, do further training in games at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Or you can graduate from high school and, for example, study computer science at the ETH and, among other things, take the Game Programming course.

Open House

Every once in a while, we organize an open house for students as part of the national future days (Nationaler Zukunftstag). Their page has a registration form, as soon as there are free spots.

We are the serious games agency Gbanga. As a specialist for gamification games and playful experiences, Gbanga implements games for contract customers. We would love to work with you on your next game!