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We have just released our brand-new promo quest brochure and you can download it now. The brochure provides innovative, uncomplicated and cost effective location-based marketing solutions for businesses and advertisers.

The New Gbanga Promo Quest Brochure

The New Gbanga Promo Quest Brochure

LBG Showcases

With more than 4 years experience in the location-based gaming market, Gbanga has developed some special titles including the edutainment game, GbangaZooh; the public-transport race game, Catch Mr. X; the e-tourism application, Gbanga Ballenberg; and the location-based advent calendar, Gbanga Santa.

For more promo quest information and further showcases visit our business section.

We are the serious games agency Gbanga. As a specialist for gamification games and playful experiences, Gbanga implements games for contract customers. We would love to work with you on your next game!