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It’s arrived! We’ve introduced the ultimate dream of every art forger: the SprayCan. This new feature is a money machine and a chance for some creative escapism in Gbanga Famiglia. The valuable art forging tool is given to every Mafioso who distinguishes her or himself by reaching level 3 in Gbanga.

Reach level 3 and receive the new Gbanga SprayCan!

Reach level 3 and receive the new Gbanga SprayCan!

You can drop the SprayCan into any Cell to turn various combinations of GraffitiPixels into valuable paintings. To create a forgery you simply need to collect the right combinations of GraffitiPixels and drop them into a Cell before dropping the SprayCan. You’ll receive a notification with the result of your work whether you succeed or fail in creating a forgery.

An infographic will be posted here tomorrow to help you with your first forgeries. You are also invited to post the combinations on the Gbanga Forum.

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