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The KooabaScan power-up allows players to scan Gbanga Cells to receive a shortcut to useful information about their in-game location (i.e. take-over statistics and more). With the GetYourGuide’s five Wonders of the World, players can visit world-famous landmarks in the Gbanga world with the help of an in-game tourist guide.

What is the Startup Quest?

The Startup Quest was created to raise awareness of the Swiss startup scene, and to explore the infinite possibilities of gamification. While playing the quest you are invited to visit the real-world location of each startup’s headquarters to collect their unique superpowers, which will give you power-up abilities in-game. Lucky players may also find superpowers by exploring Gbanga’s in-game world.

Check out all the startups included thus far:

Stay tuned, as more startups will be added soon!

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