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What’s better than having a great team of Famiglia members? More Famiglia members! Connect face-to-face with fellow Mafiosi in your home town during Gbanga Worldwide MeetUp Day on September 24, 2011. The day will give you the opportunity to hang out with other Gbanga fans in your area, show off your POCKET items, share tips and strategies, and of course, add friends!



Find and join Gbanga Worldwide MeetUp Days around the world by going to . Find an existing Meetup near you, help organise one, or if there isn’t a Meetup in your area, get one started! It’s easy to organize and easy to communicate with others in through Meetup.  Use Facebook Connect for fast and easy access.

Meetup organizers will receive an exclusive “Organizers Badge” worth 1’000’000 CASH! Furthermore, any confirmed MeetUp location will have its CELL filled with yellow diamonds and other precious items throughout Gbanga Worldwide MeetUp Day! It’s your chance to boost your Mafia skills!

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