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Hurray! «Jass Fédéral», our commissioned work for Swisscom & Wirz BBDO, is one of the rare purely web-based browser games. Yesterday, it won a gold award in innovation at the Best of Swiss Web 2021. We’re proud to have connected players world-wide with this multiplayer card game that now also supports video conferencing. Thanks to the whole project team for collaborating on this complex project! Give it a try at

Play Jass Fédéral now — with video conferencing mode

Thanks to all that have participated, especially Swisscom, Wirz BBDO und APPUiO. Namely Eva, Fabienne, Vanessa, Nathalie, Adrian, Cyrill, Christoph, Nicolai, Tony, Björn, Matthias, Nico, Giovanni. And of course, the whole team at Gbanga.