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The Hunter is coming to town: Police setting up road blocks, scholars figuring out the phenomenon, a media frenzy making an already puzzled passersby more anxious. Urban. Hunt. is back and with it the opportunity to win a brand new car worth over 80’000 Swiss Francs*.

Here’s what you need to know, two weeks before the hunt:

  1. You can download the app now and register for the game beforehand which is mandatory for all players. Do this while servers are quiet. It is a great way to come prepared to the event. This is especially useful to build up a team already so you can see who’s best within your circle of participating friends. Check the game download links on
  2. An exclusive closed beta takes place on September 20 where you can train your skills before the hunt. Media partner 20 Minuten has set up registration pages for Zürich and Lausanne. 20 participants of the closed beta will bei chosen at random. Do this before September 14.
  3. The hunt will begin on September 30 at 19.00 in two cities at the same time. Register for the Facebook event pages in Zürich and Lausanne to make sure you get all news infos in a timely fashion.

For general information on the game visit the Urban. Hunt. main site.

Also make sure to read a behind the scenes view in our portfolio.