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Meet Gbanga’s newest and cutest fox friend, Redd!

Gbanga «Animals: Redd» is an iPhone and iPad app about a young fox, which we’ve crafted with beautiful and unique visuals. The game is the first in a series of  apps built around the Gbanga Animals universe.

Screenshot of the first game in the series of Gbanga Animals: Reed

Screenshot of the first game in the series of Gbanga Animals: Reed

The Animals series will bring together Gbanga’s many years of experience developing location-based games such as the Mafia-themed Gbanga Famiglia to deliver an exciting virtual world that players can explore by walking around the real-world with their mobile phone. Gbanga Animals will feature a huge variety of mini-games, including a geo-based treasure hunt, that will create a sense of discovery and adventure akin to console-style gameplay. Download Gbanga Animals: Redd game now!

Download Gbanga Animals: Redd's Ball Game Now

As mentioned a year ago, you can download the greeting card with a paper cut-out. You’re also welcome to post your handicraft on Twitter with hashtag #GbangaRedd to get listed on this page.

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