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  • Today you can win the most exclusive Famiglia item ever – The Black Diamond!

    To participate in the spooky Halloween-themed challenge, all you have to do is trade as many items as possible with your Mafia Boss. The player with most traded cash until midnight of Wednesday 31st October will receive the mysterious Black diamond!

    Join the Gbanga Halloween Challenge!

    Join the Gbanga Halloween Challenge!

    What’s the Black Diamond?

    The rarest of all Famiglia items. The Black Diamond is worth a whopping 100’000’000 Cash, and it will be awarded annually to the winner of the Halloween Challenge! So far, only one Black Diamond has been created in Gbanga, making it the rarest of rare items.

    Now it’s your chance to win this unique item!

    Happy Halloween!

    The winner of the Halloween challenge is ERICON! Congratulations!

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