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Next week, Gbanga will attend the acclaimed Broadband World Forum 2012 in Amsterdam. Besides taking over CELLS in the gorgeous Venice of the north, Gbanga’s CEO Matthias Sala aka babalunda, will be part of the panel Innovate!discussing ”The Ascendance of the App – Uncovering the Successes and Opportunities for Growth.” Will you also attend the BWF 2012? Please RSVP on Facebook, drop us a line or DM us on Twitter and we will be happy to meet you!

Broadband World Forum 2012

Broadband World Forum 2012

About Innovate!

Innovate! is an exciting new event feature which is a platform for exploring new market and revenue opportunities emerging with apps and services and the new broadband and digital ecosystem.

It is a place for senior strategy executives from the telecoms, internet, media and technology sectors to showcase their apps and services, have discussion on monetization models, explore the importance of understanding the connected consumer, discuss how the mobile ecosystem is evolving and the challenges facing the industry as more new players burst onto the market, form new partnerships to further drive innovation, build business success and look to the future areas for growth.

In case you missed, check out Matthias’s interview on the BWF website.