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The battle to save the world continues as the global mob reorganizes itself in the most important task in the history of mankind. Nearly 200’000 Mayan Tzolk’in points were scored by the engaged Mafiosi located around the world but there’s still a lot of work to be done!

Updates from Gbanga End of the World Quest

Updates from Gbanga End of the World Quest

For us here at Gbanga HQ, it’s very exciting to watch the world savers fighting bravely against the Great Cycle of the Long Count completion. So far leading the race to salvation are players fanaticdiver (1st place), Fresch (2nd place) and ERICON (3rd place). We can also observe the raise of several mobsters in new continents like Asia and Americas.

It’s time to put aside your Famiglia rivalries and work together to collect missing 800,000 ancient Mayan Tzolk’in symbols until December 21st and save the world. You can follow the countdown website where you can check progress on this massive collaborative rescue effort.

We shall fight united until the end!

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