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The Doodle Mob side-quest is over and the winning results are in! We hope you enjoyed playing alongside your favorite friends and sidekicks! For Gbanga and Doodle it was awesome to observe the huge amount of Doodle Mob sidequests played, scheduled and completed all over the globe.

The Doodle Mob Winners

The Doodle Mob Winners

The Doodle Mob was the first sponsored phonebooth sidequest in Gbanga, taking place between January 26th and March 1st and was part of the ongoing Startup Quest. We would like to thank all players for their efforts.

The Winners

The top-3 players who have each won a Doodle Premium Solo subscription are Orxx,Tikanis and Tiberius. Congratulations!

Stay tuned, Gbanga is preparing many new fun quests for the upcoming weeks!