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During the next few weeks Innsbruck in Austria will be host to the youth winter games. To celebrate the event Gbanga has prepared a special quest for players around the world: the Gbanga Winter Sports Quest.

Gbanga Winter Sports Quest

Gbanga Winter Sports Quest

In this quest players must collect the five Sports Rings (blue, black, red, yellow and green) to receive the Gbanga Torch, which is an awesome power-up that will earn you 100,000 Cash for each establishment in a Cell into which you drop it in. You can sign-up to the quest via a Phonebooth, which will feature this quest exclusively for the duration of the games.

TORCH RELAY – Be an ambassador at Gbanga Winter Games

Players located in Innsbruck are welcome to visit the Gbanga virtual booth located at Cell “innsbruckCityCenter“. Once you find the booth you can drop the Gbanga Torch to receive a Weekly Candy Lab free! Furthermore, you can be an ambassador by performing the action for players located outside the city! Gbanga has set up a dedicated website where you can check the progress of your Famiglia on this collaborative quest

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Let the game begin!