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Gbanga Pretzel & Tomato, the tastiest location-based quest ever, is finishing its first week. We hope you are enjoying it.

It’s awesome to watch the leader-board and how many delicious pretzels and tomatoes are being collected around the world. In case you haven’t joined the race yet: you are still able to play until October 5th.

The winner will receive an iTunes gift voucher to the value of 100 CHF. More importantly, the winner will also get five yellow diamonds, each worth 300,000 CASH. The yellow diamonds will power-up their Famiglia a lot.

Pretzel & Tomato: The most delicious collecting battle!

Pretzel & Tomato: The most delicious collecting battle!

The intermediate result

Around 10’000 tomatoes & pretzels were collected so far!

The international competition is very high as players from Germany and Spain have advantage against rivals from other locations. Leading the race are the following players:

  1. markus_chur (754)
  2. Jjack (752)
  3. Fresch (716)

Taking part in the Pretzel & Tomato quest is easy: download the Gbanga app and start exploring the Gbanga world. You will find many pretzels and tomatoes to pick up!

Are you ready to join the tastiest location-based campaign on the planet?