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A frank message from the Godfather himself 

Greed and the desire for power of certain Famiglias appears to be unstoppable. Rumours indicate that some individuals are encouraging rival players to switch allegiances between Famiglias. Senior Mafioso attending a secret meeting in Italy agreed that even the most unscrupulous games must have rules and consequences.

Famiglia Bribes

Starting today: Famiglia Bribes

From now on, every Famiglia Boss will be asked to pay a CASH fee every week that will be proportional to the amount of Famiglia members. Therefore members of each Famiglia should not neglect the costs of mafia activities and should help their bosses to keep the family finances healthy by trading in precious items. The Famiglia bosses will notify all their members about the weekly fee paid and will automatically remove players that have been inactive in the family business for 3 months. The Godfather has made his decision.

Would like to know more about the Famiglia Bribes? Check ourinfographic.

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