Gbanga creates mixed-reality games.

Samsung Galaxy Invaders VR by Gbanga

Galaxy Invaders VR

Mehr Platz für dich! App, Pro Juventute, Gbanga

More Space for You!

Gross. Stadt. Jagd.

Gross. Stadt. Jagd.

EBL On Tour HTML5 Race Game

EBL On Tour Race Game

UBS Quiz and Fly portfolio game by Gbanga

Quiz and Fly

Advocates of Light

Advocates of Light

Promotional bike retailer game Veloplus game

Veloplus Game

Rise and Fall game by Gbanga

Rise and Fall

Super Manager game

Super Fleet Manager

Der Polder - Mixed-Reality Theater Production

The Polder

Meetup Game

Meetup Game

Compass-based game Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

Pilotifant game


Serious Game After Party

After Party



Gbanga Famiglia (2010)

Gbanga Famiglia

Mixed-reality game Gbanga Zooh

Gbanga Zooh

Game Development, Zurich, Switzerland

The Zurich-based game studio Gbanga’s vision is to create fun digital mixed-reality games that are individually tailor-made to the players context, mood, taste and preferences.

Mixed-reality games are based on reality and the player’s situation. To achieve this, we take GPS, local weather data, open data and map data into account. With our games Gbanga Zooh and Gbanga Famiglia, we already pioneered the mixed-reality game genre in 2007.


Swiss App Awards

App of the Year 2012

«App of the Year», «Best User Experience App»

Best of Swiss Apps 2013 & Bets of Swiss Apps 2014 Bronze

Best of Swiss Apps 2015, 2014, 2013

3 x «Gold», 4 x «Bronze»

IMGA International Mobile Gaming Awards Nominee

6th International Mobile Game Awards IMGA

«Best Real World Game Nominee»


Gbanga Millform consists of an interdisciplinary team of enthusiasts and experts with an international background and a divers track record.

François Lachausse, engineer at Gbanga

François is an experienced programming wizard. Here is his underused social presence on Google+.

Robin Bornschein, game concepter at Gbanga

Robin B is a talented game mechanics designer. He loves to tweet animated gifs of his side projects.

Matthias Sala, producer at Gbanga

Matthias is a believer in the mixed-reality genre. He tweets on @babalunda and instagrams.

Beni, the adventurous game programmer

Beni is an adventurous game designer and programmer that loves shaders.

Yujin, VR specialist at Gbanga

Yujin is a joyful VR enthusiast with a background from the tech industry in Seoul.

Yury, the console playing artist

Yury is the console playing artist and 3d wizard with a passion for complicated levels.

Raphael, mixed-real idea juggler

Raphael is a lateral thinker and gamer and orchestrates all evolving ideas within the team.

Whitepapers and Articles

After working for nearly a decade on games and gamification, we have created a list of articles and whitepapers about augmented reality games, serious games and games as a marketing instrument.

«Playful Design» in the healthcare industry

A white-paper about gamification for healthcare. PDF in German.

Wie viel kostet ein Game bzw. eine Game-App?

An article about how much a game or game-app costs. In German.

Customer Journey Maps for Games

An article about how to apply the method of customer journey to games. In English.

10 Tipps für Briefings von erfolgreichen Ad-Games

An article about how to successfully set up a briefing for a game project. In German.

What the media industry could learn from games

Our guest post on TheNextWeb for newspapers to improve engagement. In English and German.

Playful Design for Startups

 How startups can improve their products through the eye of a game designer. Slides in English.

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