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header It's Gbanga Towel Day!


Between May 16th and June 5th, Gbanga will feature three very special items to commemorate this special date celebrating the life and work of Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Players are invited to take part in a special phonebooth side-quest: Call a phonebooth in a cell near you and you might get a shovel item. Use it by dropping it in a cell and wait 24 hours to dig a special Towel Day item!. Each interstellar reward is worth 100'000 CASH!

How to participate?

I already have Gbanga: Taking part in the Towel Day quest is easy. If you've already been playing the Gbanga app, just continue exploring the world and you will find a phonebooth somewhere. Tap on the phonebooth and choose Interact to get a side-quest!

I don't have Gbanga: If you don't yet have Gbanga running on your mobile phone, you need only download the app, register and walk around the world! For more information about Gbanga visit our Help section or write to support@gbanga.com.