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Gbanga at the TNW Hackathon
- extend the Gbanga game,
do crazy stuff with the location-based game app! more...

What is TNW Hackathon?

The TNW Hackathon is an event where two hundred developers from all over Europe hack apps and services on world's most popular APIs and SDKs. It takes place right before The Next Web Conference 2011. Read more on TNW blog post.

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What is the Puppetmaster API?
What is a Quest Development Kit (QDK)?

We hated the fact that games are contraint by the ideas and preferences of the game designers. It's why we want Gbanga the first game that is truely open and flexible. It's designed for MODs, for user contributions.

We have created two tools: the Gbanga Puppetmaster API which gives all the power to the extending developer (you can even reward points!) and the Quest Development Kit (QDK), a collection of useful commands that help you creating location-based quests in Lua and Java.

Where is the technical documentation?

We have put some examples and tools online. You should first use our test infrastructure on palala.gbanga.com:

Getting startedDownload QDK, look at sample code


When your project is mature, you can use the production environment:

What is the goal?

You can choose whatever you think is a great application for the Puppetmaster API and the QDK. However, if you need ideas, here are some:

  • Learn about the Gbanga Puppetmaster API,
  • create a location-based mafia quest for Gbanga Famiglia,
  • hack a cool new game with geo-fences,
  • code a real-world zombie game where you have to escape from virtual zombies in real Amsterdam, or
  • implement a version for WebOS or HTML5

Basically, we're interested in what you can think of when having our very powerful API available. We're also there to assist you and help you. All this also helps us to improve our service and our Puppetmaster API.

How to participate?

I'm in Amsterdam: Just visit The Next Web Hackathon in Amsterdam and tell Matthias that you're working on the Puppetmaster API. It's a barcamp style hack event where you can meet geeks, nerds and hackers that love coding and APIs as much as you do!

I'm not in Amsterdam: No problem. Join us virtually. We do have a IRC-chat group running throughout the event.

What can I win?

The best Hackathletes receive a free The Next Web Conference pass worth 999 EUR! The judges consists of the Gbanga powerplayer Agent, the Puppetmaster API father Zlatko, chief game designer Robin at Gbanga and Matthias who's on site.

Points are distributed real-time based on constantly looking at your code, game, documentation, ...

Criterias include:

  1. the mojo,
  2. the overall idea and creativity,
  3. the code smartness and efficiency (low load on our servers),
  4. input for potential improvements and
  5. potential for reusability.