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Gbanga is a varied, highly immersive and exciting way to connect with customers around the world! more...

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Markus Liechti

Markus Liechti
Head of Business Partnerships & Products
Brauerstrasse 31
8004 Zurich, Switzerland
+41 43 536 67 01

Location-based advertising: Gbanga offers unique location-based and plot-integrated advertising opportunities; great for communicating directly and interactively with customers. We create awareness for brands and products and guide them directly to the points of sale.

Edutainment: Gbanga develops high-class solutions that engage the target audience in a fun and playful way to learn about any desired topic.

Mobile gamification: Besides location-based solutions, Gbanga develops game ideas, concepts and apps for companies and incorporates the look-n-feel of their brand.

Promo Quest

For clients who want to address the tens of thousands players of our popular Gbanga Famiglia, we create individual stories within the game (click on the images below to download our showcases as PDF):
Data Quest - Promo Quest
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Showcase auf Deutsch

White Label Solutions

We also design complete new virtual worlds around our clients' brand. Dive in and have a look at some of our showcases below (click on the image to download the PDF):
Gbanga Ballenberg
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Showcase auf Deutsch
Gbanga Mr. X
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Showcase auf Deutsch


In the past, we have worked with the following companies to deliver entertainment directly to their clients and to create walk-in customers.

Die Mobiliar IKEA Switzerland Nokia Ovi Switzerland APG Affichage Zoo Zürich IMI Lucerne Wagamama Zürich Ride Mountainbike-Magazin Schweiz L'TUR Schweiz Live in the Living Cakefriends Blume 3000


Gbanga was nominated and has won several awards:

Samsung bada Developer Challenge winner 2011 RED HERRING EUROPE FINALIST Winner of the Venture Leaders 2009 competition Nominee for Business Idea 2010 by the internet WORLD BUSINESS magazine Nominee for IMGA International Mobile Gaming Awards 2010 Best of Swiss Web Award 2010 Shortlist 2010 Swiss ICT Award 2010 Finalist Newcomer Swiss App Awards