HTML5 and the future of mobile Apps

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The folks over at invited me to write about HTML5 and the potential in mobile gaming through web apps. It is written in German. However, here is an English translation of the intro, the section headers and the conclusion.

Photo: Flickr/adactio, CC-Lizenz

Photo: Flickr/adactio, CC-Lizenz

HTML5 and the future of mobile Apps

Mobile Apps have become ubiquitous topic: as a tool for the advertising industry and even as a subject in daily talks at the lunch table. Until today, mobile apps are laborious to produce and tedious to maintain and to operate. The HTML5 standard might improve the situation soon.


  • Apple promotes the usage of HTML5 since the launch of the first iPhone model
  • What is HTML5 capable of doing?
  • How is HTML5 comparable with Flash and Silverlight?
  • Cross-platform alternatives: Air, Unity, PhoneGap, Appcelerator
  • The hybrid approach makes a mark
  • How comfortable are the HTML5 development tools?
  • The power of money dominates the trends in the mobile apps industry
  • How is the performance and usability of HTML5 web apps?
  • Examples from the practice


It is time that every professional mobile app developer investigates HTML5 to have hands-on experiences in developing and benchmarking HTML5 web apps. The development time is significantly shorter than for native apps and the usage speed is acceptable for most applications. For successful development of HTML5 app, one should evaluate in advance whether the necessary features are supported on the target platforms. You also have to make a smart decision with your monetization strategy.

Read the original post in German here. You can also read the automated Google translation here.

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