We’re currently hosting a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo. Please help us to raise the necessary funds to realize the amazing mixed-reality game Famiglia Rise and Fall.

Since 2007, Gbanga Millform Inc creates mixed-reality games that entertain a world-wide community of players. The games are mass-customised and individual taylor-made experiences based on the players context such as GPS and local information such as current weather conditions.

Gbanga Millform Inc has received international awards for innovative and lucrative gamification projects that have been developed in budget and delivered in time, including advertising games, B2B gamification projects such as sales tools and GPS apps that produce walk-in customers.

Our games

Famiglia Rise and Fall


Ninjas vs. Zombies


Gbanga Famiglia


Our games are recognized nationally and internationally, regularly get nominations, win awards and are even featured by the official app stores.

Best of Swiss Apps 2013

App of the Year 2012
«App of the Year», «Best User Experience App»

6th International Mobile Game Awards IMGA
Best Real World Game Nominee

Mixed-reality is our focus

Our vision is to create fun digital mixed-reality games that are individually taylor-made to the players context, mood, taste and preferences.

Mixed-reality games are based on reality and the player’s situation. To achieve this, we take GPS, local weather data, open data and map data into account. With our games Gbanga Zooh and Gbanga Famiglia, we already pioneered the mixed-reality game genre in 2007.

About the team

Gbanga Millform consists of an interdisciplinary team of enthusiasts and experts with an international background and a divers track record.

Chris is a distinguished game art author. He blogs on solarskistudio.com/blog.

François is an experienced programming wizard. Here is his underused social precense on Google+.

Matthias is a believer in the mixed-reality genre. He tweets on @babalunda and instagrams.

Robin is a game addict focusing on game design. His gamer alias on Xbox and PSN is Nubeh.


Gbanga Millform AG is located at Limmatstrasse 73, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland. +41435366701.

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